15-16.Oct College of Management

Reversim Summit 2017

Call for papers is now closed


About Reversim Summit

Reversim summit is our intention to create a conference for developers by developers. Like in the podcast, we bring you the content we are interested in, and we hope you will be too.

This is the fifth(!) Reversim Summit. The summits of 2013 and 2014 (TLV Campus), 2015 (Technion) and 2016 (Weizmann Institute of Science) also featured community content. Watch previous years' sessions to get the general feel of the Revesim Summit spirit.

About Reversim Podcast

Reversim (רברס עם פלטפורמה) is a Hebrew podcast by Ori Lahav and Ran Tavory which brings together software developers and product, with over 300 recorded episodes and a few thousands listners.


We’re interested in everything including software development, software product development, UX, startups, mobile, web, devops, data processing, scaling, software company culture, tooling and more. There is no predefined list of topics, if you’d like to speak about something interesting, we want it!

We do not set out with a predefined list of tracks. We would like to leave the topics (tracks) open and only after accepting the submissions we will split the sessions into tracks, but we shall not rule out a single good session just b/c it's not a natural fit to any of the predefined list, so don't worry so much about categorizing your submissions.

Generally speaking - we are not looking for “intro to something software” or “something software 101”. We’re looking for something of greater depth. However, we are open to session “intro to something that isn’t software”, as long is this something is of general interest, for example “intro to moonwalking and breakdance”

Sponsorship plan

We feature a sponsorship plan for companies relevant to the conference attendees. The plan includes:

Featured job description
  • A featured job description near your company name at the sponsors page in our site, with a link to your site.
  • A link to your careers / jobs page from the sponsors page in our site.
A Thank-you before the keynote sessions

We will thank all sponsors before the daily keynote session.

  • A logo in the home page of the Reversim conference site.
  • A section in the sponsors page in the Reversim conference site, with a link to the company’s home page.

All major conference sessions are video-recorded and will be freely available on the web. Sponsors logos will appear in the cover page appearing before each session.


Tickets are free, but they tend to vanish quickly. We provide each sponsor with 4 unnamed reservations that can be given to last-minute attendees.

Becoming a sponsor

The sponsorship plan cost is 15,000 NIS + V.A.T.

We do encourage sponsors to submit sessions. In fact, sessions by sponsors have been some of the best we had in previous summits. However, these sessions go through our independent submission and moderation process.

To become a sponsor, please contact Shlomi Hassan.


June 20
Call for Papers Period Begins

We've decided that we will not define a list of tracks upfront, rather open up the submission to any topic. Later on we will choose the best sessions and sort them by topic relevance, so that attendees would be able to focus on tracks and room.

This means that we want submission on any topic that may interest developers, product folks, UX etc. Topics might include startups, mobile, web, devops, data processing, scaling, programming languages, api design, data science, gaming, computer vision and more... This is not a closed list, it's just to give ideas, if your topic doesn't seem to fit here and is of general interest, we want it!

Early August
Review Starts (End of Public Voting)

We have a wonderful group of moderators that would help you refine your submission and eventually select the proposed sessions. Please feel free to reach out to any of us if you have any questions.

During the selection process we take into account various aspects, including relevance, popularity, interest, originality, presenters track record, diversity etc.

Mid September
Open Registration
October 15-16
Reversim Summit 2017

Register to Reversim Summit 2017

Registration will be opened on mid September.

Join Reversim Summit Google group and stay tuned!



Getting Physical with Web Bluetooth
It is time to get out of your web browser boundaries! With a new technology "Web Bluetooth", our web apps are finally able to communicate directly with Physical Devices and control them. Whether it is...
Full Featured
Uri ShakedGoogle Developer Export, Consultant at BlackBerry
Migrating elephants
In the past 2 years we have been doing painful and excessive migrations and changes to some of our important infrastructures at Outbrain. We would like to share the pain & the gain, what we have accom...
Full Featured
Doron FriedlandBackend developer @Outbrain
Orchestrating proxysql with Orchestrator and Consul
Anyone looking for a high availability master-slave management solution for MySQL may come across ProxySQL and Orchestrator. This combination of products solves many problems, but still requires some...
Full Featured
Avi ApelbaumOrchestrating proxysql with Orchestrator and Consul
Understanding the heart of Deep Learning
Deep learning is the hottest buzzword in Artificial Intelligence today. What enables training these huge models is the Backpropagation algorithm - also known as the workhorse of Neural Networks. In th...
Full Featured
Dolev PomeranzChief Architect @ Trax Image Recognition


Who's behind the Reversim Summit?

Ran Tavory

The Voice @ Reversim, Janitor @ Yodas

Full stack janitor at Yodas and The Voice at reversim.

shlomi hassan

Lead data engineer @Kenshoo

Has over 14 years of experience in building various systems both from the field of near real time applications and Big Data distributed systems.

In depth understanding of big data concepts and architecture

I consider my self as BigData Geek :-)

Co-Founder of the "Big Things" Community

Adam Matan

Lead Architect @ Binaris

Software enthusiast since I was 10. I care about programming, leadership, open source and engineering culture.

Amit Zur

Freelance frontend developer

Freelance frontend developer with a passion for happiness in code and design. Key interests are UX, DX, productivity, education, doing good with technology and connecting people. He’s a strong believer in community, and these days he organizes Goodness Squad, a place for developers to contribute to open source projects.

Nati Cohen

Production Engineer @ Here Technologies

Production Engineer at Here Technologies, and a Teaching Assistant at the Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya. Previous experience includes: operations consulting, software development, *nix administration and security research in the Intelligence Corps as well as in multiple startup companies.

Erez Lotan

Software Craftsman, Agile Coach and Development Manager @Kenshoo

Director of Data Platform and Engineering tools @Kenshoo, and prior to that many combinations of leading multi-disciplinary teams.

I equally enjoy building software and working with people, and learned that the right solution to almost any problem is a great team. Such teams emerge from diverse, cohesive and open culture.

Avner Cohen

Operations and Infrastructure @ HiredScore

Working @ HiredScore, a Data Science HR-Tech startup, focusing on Infrastructure, Operations & Security.

Lital Hassine

Making things happen @ JoyTunes

Software engineer at JoyTunes where we teach people all over the world to play. Love peaches.

    Victor Trakhtenberg

    Software Engineering Team Leader @ Taboola

    Software developer and architect. Passionate about technologies as much as he is about implementation and deployment methodologies. Currently is a Software Engineering Team Leader at Taboola. Prior to Taboola served as VP R&D at Commerce Sciences and as a Chief Architect at SupportSpace. Co-founder of the JavaIL community (www.meetup.com/JavaIL/) and WeCode-IL meetup. A big fan of the Groovy language and its eco-system.

    Shlomo Yona

    Leading startups in a corporate @ F5

    Applied algorithmic researcher, architect, software engineer, computational linguist, data scientist, teams builder.

    Doing things math, science and computation such that it solves real problems in a practical, maintainable and affordable manner.

    These days Shlomo is a director applied algorithmic research at F5 and advising to companies with regards to algorithmic and math and how to practically apply them to their production pipeline.

    Dotan Nahum

    CTO, Hacker, Open Sourcer ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    Karin Moscovici

    Software Development Manager

    I love building and reforming teams, achieving major turnarounds in product delivery and quality, and leading transitions to cutting-edge technologies and software architecture. I'm an avid promoter of Agile methodologies and values, and a strong believer in a servant leadership management style that nurtures and empowers engineers.

    In my last role I built and led the web platform group @ SimilarWeb. Prior to that, I was a development leader and PO @ Tufin Technologies, and before that I was a Java and .NET developer @ Microsoft, Identify Software and several other startups you'll never hear about.

      Karen Cohen

      I help people and systems work better together

      Karen loves designing and building infrastructure and platform products. She enjoys the challenge of reconciling developer experience and operations, as well as the end users goal and experience.

      Karen is an experienced developer, product architect, manager and mentor at Wix.com.

      Haim Yadid (lifey)

      Head of backend engineering @ Next Insurance

      A software engineer with over 25 years of experience in various technology fields: software development, team management, software architecture, HPC and algorithmic research. For seven have focused on Java platform performance optimization as an independent consultant and was involved in more than a dozen optimization projects. In the last two year he is not longer consulting but still suffers from an uncontrolled passion to scalability, optimization and mechanical sympathy.

      Yael Balla

      Chief Architect @ Kenshoo

      A software engineer since the age of 18, I played various hands-on and management roles, doing both frontend and backend before it was called "Full Stack".

      Nowadays I’m Kenshoo's Chief Architect, focusing on learning and adopting new technologies and improving development processes.


      companies that support us

      About Kenshoo

      Marketeers of the world's top brands are using Kenshoo's platform to drive $350 billion in annualized sales revenue Kenshoo website.

      Featured Job

      We are looking for developers who can get things done, enjoy solving hard problems and like working in a team. Help us solve a huge problem for advertisers and make friends while at it. Interested? More info here.

      About Akamai

      Akamai is the global leader in Content Delivery Network (CDN) services, making the Internet business ready—fast, reliable, and secure—for its customers. We operate the most pervasive, highly distributed CDN—with more than 200,000 servers in 110 or more countries—delivering up to 30% of all Web traffic. Akamai website.

      Featured Job

      We're currently looking for software engineers and test/automation engineers with strong Java background to join our web and cloud security teams! As a part of these teams, you'll be working on innovating and developing new and groundbreaking Security and BigData products in the largest scales. Interested? More info here.

      About Gigya

      Gigya is using micro-services architecture, cutting-edge distributed programming models and big-data to build a scalable Identity Management SaaS platform. Gigya website.

      Featured Job

      Senior C# Server Software Engineer: We handle 1B api calls a day and are looking for .Net developers to come help us build a robust distributed Micro service architecture using our open source framework on top of a cutting edge Actor model framework. Interested? More info here.

      About Wix

      Wix.com is a leading cloud-based web development platform with more than 110 million users worldwide. Wix was founded on the belief that the Internet should be accessible to everyone to develop, create, and contribute.

      Our Software Engineering culture is based on developers who love their work, are passionate about technology, and believe that nothing is impossible. We deploy hundreds of times a day and design our software for ease of change. We use TDD with Scala and JS to develop our microservices, encourage C/I, and we give back to the community by speaking at developer events and contributing to Open-Source. Wix's headquarters are in Tel Aviv, Israel with offices in Be'er Sheva, San Francisco, New York, Miami, Berlin, Vilnius, Kyiv, and Dniepero.
      Wix website.

      Featured Job

      At Wix’s Engineering group, lead developers shape the architecture of our services and product. They set the tone and standard of our developer culture, fusing facets of engineering, product management, DevOps, analytics, and technical management. They are also mentors, helping less-experienced engineers improve and hone their skills so that they are eventually capable of being tech leads themselves. The Wix development culture is transparent, highly technical, and agile. Because we ship often, we’ve happily adopted Continuous Delivery and Test-Driven Development. We code in Scala, Python, Go, Javascript and TypeScript. We develop and maintain highly scalable systems that support Wix’s tens of millions of users—and the people who visit their websites.

      We strive to hire engineers who have ‘fire and forget’ abilities, and who are independent, innovative, and bold. Does this sound like you? We’re always looking for engineers who share our technical ethos!
      Interested? More info here.

      About Cloudinary

      At Cloudinary we are building the world’s best platform for end-to-end image and video management. We enable our customers to easily upload images to the cloud, perform smart image manipulations and have their media files delivered lightning fast to their website and mobile app users. Cloudinary offers comprehensive APIs, SDK for all development frameworks and extensive administration capabilities. Cloudinary website.

      Featured Job

      We believe that interacting and working with great, creative, passionate, fun and smart PEOPLE leads to creating amazing products! We are offering you to join this unique working environment in addition to competitive salary and full benefits. Interested? More info here.

      Apps Flyer
      About Apps Flyer

      AppsFlyer is the leading mobile attribution and analytics platform, enabling app marketers and brands measure their user acquisition, in-app user engagement tracking, lifetime value analysis, ROI and retargeting attribution. Apps Flyer website.

      Featured Job

      If you have passion to BigData processing, this is the place for you. Come to play around with more than 8 billion events per day in real-time and batch, using Spark, Mesos, Memsql, Druid and Kafka. New systems and technologies, architecture changes and data insights are part of the daily work in this team. Interested? More info here.

      About Outbrain

      Outbrain is the inventor and leader in content discovery. We help people discover interesting content. Outbrain website.

      Featured Job

      We are looking for an outstanding software engineer who is passionate about quality and bringing value to our users. You will be part of a small, tight-knit, dynamic, hands-on team that takes pride in high coding standards and modern development practices. Each member of our team is a development athlete/all-around-player. You should be able to build a product end-to-end, from the careful mastery of the front-end/client-side to the efficient and maintainable design of the back-end/server-side. Interested? More info here.

      Oracle R&D
      About Oracle R&D

      Oracle’s R&D organization is comprised of engineers with passion and expertise in solving difficult problems in highly scalable environments - from distributed systems and virtualized infrastructure to big-data and probabilistic modeling. A substantial organization with an entrepreneurial fast paced mentality - we are still only just starting; with a lot of positive energy, passion and fast decision making. If it’s in solving immense data-centric challenges like we do at Crosswise, or in changing the way companies consume the public cloud like we do at Ravello - at Oracle you can design and build innovative new systems from the ground up.

      Featured Job

      From the bits and bytes of x86 architecture, through virtualization, networking and storage, and all the way up to highly scalable and resilient SaaS back-end and front-end - We have it all at Ravello.

      If you are into solving huge data-centric challenges by applying advanced data science and proprietary machine learning techniques - We have it all at Crosswise.

      If you are top notch at what you do, a team player who gets the job done, a curious self-learner looking for ways to grow, a ROSH GADOL - you are a great fit.

      My Heritage
      About My Heritage

      As one of Israel's most successful start-ups, with over 370 employees, MyHeritage is utilizing the latest technological advancements, such as DNA testing and advanced matching algorithms developed in-house, to discover, preserve and share the family histories of over 90 million users worldwide.

      We invite you to join our MyHeritage Meetup Group to receive updates about upcoming events hosted in our office. Come along to discuss cross-technology challenges with our top-notch R&D team.
      My Heritage website.

      Featured Job

      Join us - Make history. Interested? More info here.

      About Tikal

      We are a global software company founded by experts in the open-source community. Our open-source approach provides our clients with value added services, assuring rapid development and easy customization, while eliminating the risk of being held captive by a specific vendor. Tikal website.

      Featured Job

      Interested? More info here.

      About Klarna

      We make online shopping as smooth, simple and safe. Klarna website.

      Featured Job

      Web Application Engineer - Klarna Engineering is the driving force behind Klarna's global growth. Our work is full of fascinating problems: How do we build delightfully simple products in a complex marketplace? How do we make hundreds of real time credit decisions based on limited data, every minute? How do we provide high availability while working in a micro service architecture where teams deliver new features daily? Fortunately, we have some good solutions: We hire quality-driven engineers from diverse backgrounds, encourage them to grow continually and make it easy for them to get their voices heard. We're always on the lookout for curious, friendly and ambitious people to join us. Interested? More info here.

      About Automattic

      We are the people behind WordPress.com, WooCommerce, Jetpack, Simplenote, Longreads, VaultPress, Akismet, Gravatar, Polldaddy, Cloudup, and more. We believe in making the web a better place. Automattic website.

      About LivePerson

      At LivePerson, our mission is to create meaningful connections.

      Connection at the workplace inspires us to serve our clients exceptionally, to work together efficiently, and to get personally involved in our local communities. Our emphasis on connection leads to more opportunity— whether it’s increased value for our customers, product innovation, or community growth.

      LivePerson is a leading provider of cloud-based mobile and online business messaging solutions, enabling a meaningful connection between brands and consumers. LiveEngage, the Company’s enterprise-class platform, empowers consumers to stop wasting time on hold with 1-800 numbers, and instead message their favorite brands, just as they do with friends and family. More than 18,000 businesses, including Adobe, Citibank, HSBC, EE, IBM, L’Oreal, Orange, PNC and The Home Depot rely on the unparalleled intelligence, security and scalability of LiveEngage to reduce costs, increase lifetime value and create meaningful connection with consumers.
      LivePerson website.

      Featured Job

      Interested? More info here.

      About Capriza

      Capriza fundamentally disrupts the speed and economics of taking existing business applications mobile. Go mobile by next week with our award-winning enterprise mobility platform. Capriza website.

      About Datorama

      Datorama is a data agnostic Marketing Integration Engine that centralizes all your data — wherever it comes from, whatever it looks like, however much it changes — and gives you the control to analyze, experiment, report and take action on all that data in real time.

      Datorama's website - https://datorama.com

      Featured Job

      We're growing like crazy and need the best of the best to help us build what appears to be the hottest marketing analytics platform in the industry.
      The standards are high, you'll be working with extremely talented peers who expect you to be just as good and even better.
      We're obsessed with clean code, testing and continuous delivery, so you better be too.

      Jobs - https://datorama.com/join-us/


      • College of Management,
        2 Elie Wiesel st., Rishon LeTsiyon
      • More info will be published soon
      About Reversim

      Reversim (רברס עם פלטפורמה) is a Hebrew podcast by Ori Lahav and Ran Tavory which brings together software developers and product, with over 300 recorded episodes and a few thousands listeners.

      The summit is our intention to create a conference for developers by developers. Like in the podcast, we bring you the content we are interested in, and we hope you will be too.


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