Nir Rubinstein

Chief Architect @ AppsFlyer

I am a multidisciplinary developer who utilizes various programming languages and technology stacks. My main passion is building robust and scalable infrastructure solutions. Good code and new technology turn me on, which is why I'm always adding to my repertoire and delving into the deep niches of the programming world. I've been helping build AppsFlyer for the last 5 years and you can usually find me talking, heatedly, about Functional Programming and good design.

Nir's Session

Full Featured (30-40 min.)

Programming IS(!) Philosophy

About Reversim

Reversim (רברס עם פלטפורמה) is a Hebrew podcast by Ori Lahav and Ran Tavory which brings together software developers and product, with over 300 recorded episodes and a few thousands listeners.

The summit is our intention to create a conference for developers by developers. Like in the podcast, we bring you the content we are interested in, and we hope you will be too.

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