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October 16, 201711:10

Elad Amit

I'm too complex for one line, unless it's perl ;)

Saving up for technical debt - how to prepare so you don't go bankrupt

There are a lot of talks about bootstraping a startup and MVP-ing your way into fame There are also a lot of talks about micro-services, design patters, and many more practices to save the day once your monolith has gotten out of control Over the past year or so we've had the chance to get an accelerated view of moving from one to the other which made our mistakes and our smart decisions very apparent We'd like to share both so that others can better prepare for that stage in between that not many people talk about


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Reversim (רברס עם פלטפורמה) is a Hebrew podcast by Ori Lahav and Ran Tavory which brings together software developers and product, with over 300 recorded episodes and a few thousands listeners.

The summit is our intention to create a conference for developers by developers. Like in the podcast, we bring you the content we are interested in, and we hope you will be too.

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