Lightning Talk (5 min.)

October 15, 201713:40

Jenny Abramov

Software engineer by day, Choreographing ideas by night

The Greatest Success Stories in History - are Inventions that Almost didn’t Exist

The idea behind the “Apple I” personal computer, was dismissed by HP - the Google of that time. Apple’s co-founder - Woz, really wanted to build the personal computer as an HP product.

Most of us have amazing ideas for improving our company’s products or culture. Unfortunately - many of them get rejected. HP’s decision, is just one example of many - where history teaches us that we are not alone. It also shows us, that our managers who rejected our ideas are not stupid - even the greatest minds in all areas have missed great ideas.

How can we successfully convince our managers to support our ideas, despite the natural resistance to different ideas? And where do most engineers get it wrong?


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