Full Featured (30-40 min.)

October 15, 201712:00

Eynav Dagan

Backend Team Leader at Ravello (Oracle)

Building a Product That Both Your Grandma and Chuck Norris Can Use

In this session, I’ll explore the illusive tradeoff between product usability and flexibility by looking into an extreme real life case study - a product feature for building network topologies. On the one hand, we would like the product to be a shiny example for usability, which could easily be used by the average Joe who can't distinguish a /24 from a /8 . On the other hand, we would like to enable expert users to go wild with their networking hallucinations and build arbitrary topologies.

It took us a few years (!!) of experiments until we got to the sweet-spot, and would like to share that journey (and many tips and conclusions) with you.


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