Reversim Summit 2017 - Submission

Call for papers is now closed



We've made a video for you to understand better what we're after. At the end of the video there's also an example submission.

You may also get a good sense of the topics we're interested in by looking into previous events:

Apart from that, here's a good grocery list of topics just to give you ideas. We are interested in everything including:

  • Software development
  • Product management
  • UX
  • Startups
  • Mobile
  • Web
  • Devops
  • Data processing
  • Scaling
  • Software company culture
  • Tooling

There is no predefined list of topics, if you’d like to speak about something interesting, we want it!

We do not set out with a predefined list of tracks. We would like to leave the topics (tracks) open and only after accepting the submissions we will split the sessions into tracks, but we shall not rule out a single good session just b/c it's not a natural fit to any of the predefined list, so don't worry so much about categorizing your submissions.

Generally speaking - we are not looking for “intro to something software” or “something software 101”. We’re looking for something of greater depth. However, we are open to session “intro to something that isn’t software”, as long is this something is of general interest, for example “intro to moonwalking and breakdance”

We are looking for deep, hard-core technical sessions which exemplify outstanding and unique work or learnings which derive from your personal experience.

There are three possible session types you may submit:

Full Featured sessions (30-40 minutes)

Full feature are frontal presentations b/w 30 - 40 minutes. They will be held either in the large room (500 attendees) or the small room (200 attendees) in two parallel tracks.

Lightning Sessions (5 minutes)

Lightning are speedy 5 min sessions. They will be presented in a series in which each presenter has exactly 20 slides, 15 sec per slide, slides are auto advanced and in total 5 min. No break b/w the sessions. It's fun, it's speedy, it's concise and it's breathtaking :-)

Open Source in Israel (10 minutes)

We are especially interested in open source projects made in israel or created by Israelis. We will have a special stage for that.


What Language?

C. Just kidding. The default language is Hebrew. This is not an international event, it's a local event for local developers and by local developers. There are awesome developers here in Israel. Having said that, if you as a speaker would prefer to speak in English that's totally fine.

Non-Hebrew speakers are most welcome, but bear in mind that most of the contents is going to be in Hebrew.

Submitters’ perks

Registration will open about a month before the event. If you've registered on time, all is well. If not, every submitter gets a single personal ticket, regardless of whether your session got accepted or not (assuming quality submission). Accepted speakers get a personal ticket +1 (so you can do a friend a favor)

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About Reversim

Reversim (רברס עם פלטפורמה) is a Hebrew podcast by Ori Lahav and Ran Tavory which brings together software developers and product, with over 300 recorded episodes and a few thousands listeners.

The summit is our intention to create a conference for developers by developers. Like in the podcast, we bring you the content we are interested in, and we hope you will be too.


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